Holly-William's Mistress
Holly Harper
is William Walker's mistress of of twenty years and mother of Rebecca Harper. Formerly an actress and sometime painter before using the money William left her in his will to buy into Ojai Foods and then Walker's Landing. When the two companies merged, she was appointed CEO. She is portrayed by Patricia Wettig.

Character historyEdit


Holly was William Walker's mistress for over 20 years who lived in a house purchased by William Walker 15 minutes away from the Walker Household.

Season 1Edit

Holly was first introduced as a friend of William Walker. After he died, it was discovered that they had had an affair for several years that produced Holly's daughter Rebecca. She eventually buys a large share in the Ojai Food Co., thanks to the large amount of money William leaves her and Rebecca. Yet then she proposes that the company buys a winery and it is voted down, to the joy of Sarah. However when Tommy hears of the idea, he and Holly go into business together by buying and opening the Walker Landing winery.

Season 2Edit

David CaplanEdit

When Rebecca and Holly have a fight, Holly finds out that David Caplan is Rebecca's father. Holly and her daughter have a fight and Holly tells her daughter that she has had enough of Rebecca treating her like a second class citizen. Holly then kicked her out of the house. Holly and Tommy helped save Ojai Foods from going under when they merged the businesses together making Holly CEO of the companies.

Season 5Edit

A year has passed since the season 4 finale and Holly has a memory problem. She's unable to remember her daughter Rebecca, and believes that she is still with William. Justin attempts to help Holly remember Rebecca and her memories but when he does she takes 10 steps back into forgetting.