Elizabeth Walker
Name: Elizabeth Walker
Family: Tommy Walker - Father

Julia Walker - Mother
William Walker II - Brother
Sarah Walker - Aunt
Kitty Walker - Aunt
Kevin Walker - Uncle and biological father
Justin Walker - Uncle
Ryan Lafferty - Uncle
Paige Whedon - Cousin
Cooper Whedon - Cousin
Evan McCallister - Cousin
Olivia Wandell-Walker - Cousin
Daniel Wandell-Walker - Cousin

Nationality: American

Elizabeth Walker is the daughter, and only living child of Julia and Tommy Walker. She was mentioned by Kevin to talk alot for a 3 year old. When Tommy had took her away from Seattle. Afraid she would tell abot her adventure with "Daddy" Kevin called Julia who came back to Cal. She threated to take Elizabeth but she changed her mind and let her stay for Justin and Rebecca's first wedding.

Birth Edit

Since Tommy and Julia were unable to conceive, Justin Walker and Kevin Walker acted as Julia's sperm donors. Consequently, Julia conceived twins - a boy, William, and a girl, Elizabeth. It was initially unknown which of the two donors was Elizabeth's biological father. However, both Elizabeth and William Walker II were born prematurely; Elizabeth's health was considered to be fragile, but stable, while William was dying from birth. As such, Tommy and Julia were presented with a choice: Allow William II to die in his infancy, or perform a major operation that involved transferring some of Elizabeth's organs to her twin brother, thereby offering the chance of preserving both William II and Elizabeth's lives. Tommy and Julia eventually decided not to endanger the frail Elizabeth by forcing her through the operation, and William II passed on.

Appearance Edit

"She gets her blond hair from Julia, and her curls from -"
"Don't say it!"
- Tommy and Kevin discussing Elizabeth's appearance
As a toddler, Elizabeth has a head full of blond curls.