Connie Lafferty was the mother of Ryan Lafferty. Prior to her death, Connie had a extramarital affair with William Walker, which resulted in the birth of her youngest son, Ryan . In a flashback conversation between Kitty Walker and William Walker, it was revealed that shortly before the Connie's death, William had decided that Connie had become a burden to him, and thus was planning to end their relationship. William then took Connie to a hotel, and supposedly ended things with Connie. Shortly after, Connie Lafferty was found to have died in a car accident, despite the fact that it had been "broad daylight, and there were no skid marks", according to Ryan Lafferty. This led Ryan to believe that Connie had committed suicide as a result of William Walker's actions, which fueled his hatred of William and his hostility towards the other members of the Walker family. Ryan's hostility eventually grew to the point he was capable of corporate sabotage of the Walkers' company.